EpicData is a fully hosted, Platform as a Service that enables organizations to leverage a highly scalable backend infrastructure that is an “out of the box” or turn key solution for your studio!


EpicData covers the major pillars of backend architecture that every organization needs, Identity Management, E-Commerce, Insights, Code Programs, affiliate programs, and client support. It was deeply important to our team at Software Sandbox to create a intimate platform product that addresses all of the primary concerns for any size studio, from Indie to AAA. We understand that its challenging enough to build a great game, we just didn’t think it needed to be challenging to build a backend, so we built EpicData for you! You don’t build your game engine, so you shouldn’t build your platform!


Also we think it’s important to mention its never too soon to think about platform, we have helped support studios through crowd funding to launch, and helped them reach all their goals each step of the way! We encourage you to read through and discover more about our product, EpicData, we think you’ll love it just as much as we do!!


Who Can Use EpicData?

Software Sandbox realizes that not every game or studio team is the same, we kept this in mind when building our platform service. We support Indie to AAA studios, as well as publishers! EpicData can also augment current backend platform solutions, we don’t need to be a primary solution, we like helping our clients enhance an existing infrastructure as needed, although we do prefer to be your primary solution when we can!


How Can EpicData Benefit Your Studio?

Software Sandbox has saved time and money for studios who choose to partner with us, due to reduced development time and costs. We act as an extension to your team, even though we are a service its important to us our clients feel heard and have access to us! That’s why every client gets a dedicated slack room with at least two of our engineers, and an account manager. We ensure partnering with us is easy and impactful, it’s a big decision to partner on platform services, and we take it seriously!